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Essex and Suffolk Carpet Ranges

The vast majority of carpets produced today are tufted ranges.

A tufted carpet is made by pushing hundred of needles threaded with yarn through a primary backing to form loops of tufts. These can either be cut or left as loops, the tufts are then held in place by applying a heavy adhesive. A secondary backing is then glued on for strength and stability.

Using various techniques, a variety of styles and textures can be created.

Loop pile Berbers are made using thick or bulky yarns and can come in an assortment of colours, some will also be flecked.

Level loop is when all the loops are of the same height, these tight loops offer a good blend between luxury and practicality.

Multi/random level loops are where there are generally two and sometimes three loop heights.

This creates random textures which are forgiving for marks and as such are very suitable for high traffic areas.

Saxony carpets are made from twisted yarns. They will show footprints and vacuum marks.

These are therefore more suited to occasional rooms.

Twist piles use a tightly twisted yarn and are often heatset to retain this feature. The result being a textured finish available in plain and heather colours.

Velvet carpets have a level surface pile, which is sheared to give a smooth finish. Velvet carpets tend to shade with heavy use and footprints will show. As fibres lying in different directions reflect light differently the colour can also look different from place to place.

These are a luxury option for an occasional room.

Woven carpets account for a much smaller percentage of carpets made today.

An Axminster weave locks in fibres to create a highly durable carpet with a luxury feel.

The weaving process allows for intricate designs and colours to be used.

Wilton woven carpets are made in a similar way to axminsters, the main difference is that a continuous fibre is woven all the way through.

This produces a high quality carpet with exceptional durability.

Both Axminsters and Wiltons are suitable for the heaviest wear areas of the home.

Carpets are made from various fibres, including Wool, Polypropylene, Nylon & Triexta Polyester.

Wool has natural soil resistance (although not inherently stain resistant), it is naturally flame resistant as well as being non-allergenic.

Polypropylene is a non absorbent fibre which means it needs to be solution dyed, a process where the colour is built into the fibre when it is formed. This aids against fading.

It’s easy to clean and lends itself to colourful styles and designs.

Nylon is a strong fibre with excellent crush and wear resistance. It is easy to maintain and highly durable.

Triexta Polyester is a soft fibre with good resilience and has excellent inherent stain resistance.

It is probably better known as Smartstrand.

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